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1995Sweden's history, the Historical Museum in Stockholm. 

1998 Container expo Without Borders traveling exhibition.

2014 Oil and Concrete at the Adult School in Ängelholm.

2014 Art in town in Ängelholm.

2017 BiblioteksGalleriet Bjäre art association in Båstad.

2017 Hotel Helsing in Helsingborg.

2018 The lighthouse in Skälderviken.​

2011-2019 Various exhibitions Art & Interior concrete in Ängelholm.

2021 The Blue Hall in Höganäs. 

2022 The town hall in Helsingborg. 

2022 Whole lot of bubbles, at Salthallarna in Höganäs.


I was given an assignment to portray a number of events and people in and around the City Hall before Helsingborg's Town Hall's 125th anniversary. After long and careful research, I found out how I could reflect the people and the events. I have painted 11 paintings with different motifs, which were then printed on vinyl and displayed on the outside of the Town Hall window.

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