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I am a self-taught visual artist and sculptor, born in 1961 in Kristianstad, Skåne. Has been active in art and scenography since 1984. I have worked with films such as Arn, Hamilton, Jönssonligan, Strul, The girl with the dragon tattoo to name a few. There were many TV commercials including Gevalia's Unexpected visit and happenings in Copenhagen, Malmö, Gothenburg and Stockholm. Worked with H&M 50th anniversary and Inwear & Matinique. Also worked with the decor for various exhibitions at museums such as Sweden's History at the Historical and Nordic Museum in Stockholm. At the Jämtli museum in Östersund, I was there and built the decor for an existing exhibition. I also worked on the decor for Utan Gränser, a traveling exhibition that was shown in many different places in Sweden.

Is this what made me who I am and comes out in my art? 
I have run my company Konst & Inredningsbetong for 25 years, which has its own design and production. Special assignments to order for both private customers and companies, from bathroom & kitchen fittings with concrete sink and concrete slab, to shop fittings and overall concepts for public environments.

Later came to the conclusion that I wanted to lighten the concrete, make the job easier so to speak!
Started by working with different mixtures and ingredients for the cement,
I heard microballoons mentioned! Thought more and more about microballoons, maybe on concrete, not in the concrete! So I made a painting that I call Microballoons!
Since then, bubbles have been in almost all my paintings.

We are in our Bubble, which is also mentioned quite often today in our time! The urge to sometimes go into one's bubble, etc! And we've all blown a bubble now and then!

Pretty bubbles come forth and heal me.jpeg
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